Things You Need To Know About Workers Compensation


In every state there is workers compensation laws that is designed to give compensation to the workers or employees for the work related injuries or accidents that occurred in the work setting. In some of the states it may be called the workman’s compensation or the workmen’s compensation in general, both of each are the same thing. While the specific workers had comp laws and systems may vary from one state to another state. There are some facts that you might want to know about the workers compensation.

First, not every employer is asked to have a workers compensation in their work. In every state there is a set of minimum number of employees that a certain employer has to have in order for the employer to have a workers comp. The number may vary, it may be one or two, but usually it is around 2 to 4 employees. Therefore, if you arr working in a very small business company then your employee may not be required to have a workers compensation. Check out this website at for more facts about workers compensation.

To add to this, not every employee is always covered with the workers compensation. Most of the state had recognized that the businesses sometimes hire some casual employees and these employees are not usually covered by the workers group. Ask workers compensation questions here!

Next thing you need to know is that you do not need to prove that your employer did something wrong or they were at fault. In the normal person injury happenings where your are in pain or hurt, you must prove that the other person had caused you the injury in some other way. But, to make it all easier for the workers to receive the treatment for their medical needs and compensation for the injuries that they suffered st work, the workers compensation laws had excluded the proving of fault. Whether the employer was at fault and cased the injury, that does not work or make a difference anymore. All of the employee has to prove that the injury he got was attained while he or she was at work.

Finally, you must go the medical doctor or any health care provider to which the employer had sent you. It may sound unfair, but your employer or the Gearhart Law Group insurance carrier have to get the pick on who is the medical provider you must go in case a work related injury occur.


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